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The information on New Graduate Recruitment

The information on New Graduate Recruitment

Recruitment requirement

Application criteria
  • Persons who have earned or expect to earn a bachelor's degree or master degree between March 2017 and March 2020.
Recruit type
Regular position / Group of persons from university (graduate school) or college
Specific position (General affairs) / Group of the disabled persons
Majors sought
Applications are welcome from any faculty and department.
Hire date
April 1, 2020
Number of new hires
About 5 persons
Recruitment history
  • Recruitment in 2016:9 persons
  • Recruitment in 2017:9 persons
  • Recruitment in 2018:5 persons
  • Recruitment in 2019:8 persons

Working conditions

  • Comprehensive work (recruitment record in 2018)
  • College graduate:203,000 yen
Twice a year (June and December)
Other benefits
Housing allowance, commuting allowance, overtime work allowance, etc.
Various social insurance, employee dormitory (apartment for male/female), tax-free asset-making savings, enterprise annuity, various congratulation/condolence money, etc.
Salary increase
Once a year (April)
Work location
Chitose (headquarters)
Working hours
9:00~17:30 (1 hour for rest)
Two days off per week
Festival, year-end/year-start leave, annual paid leave (10 days for the first year and 20 days at maximum later), special leave (congratulation/condolence leave, maternity leave, child-care/nursing leave, etc.)
office clothes
  • Male:Suits
  • Female:Office casual

[Publicity activity schedule](Estimated)

Schedule Event name Place
March 6 (WED) MyNavi Employment EXPO Hokkaido Sapporo Dome
March 28 (THU),
March 29(FRI)
Individual company information session New Chitose Airport

[Recruitment examination schedule](Estimated)

Schedule Content Place
March 1 (FRI)~April 8(MON) Entry/ entry-sheet acceptance
March 1 (FRI)~April 15(MON) Aptitude test 
(Test center)
National test center place
Around mid-May Group interview
*For those who have submitted the entry-sheet and passed the aptitude test.
New Chitose Airport
Around early June Executive interview New Chitose Airport
Around mid-June Informal decision

*[Entry sheet]/[aptitude test]/[group interview] are taken as the preliminary examination and all the results will be considered to make a condition whether the applicant is qualified or not. (Expected to notify the recruitment results in early June)

*Those who are qualified in the preliminary examination will receive a notice on executive interview.

Recruitment contact information

987-22 Bibi Chitose, Hokkaido
New Chitose Airport Terminal Building Co.,Ltd.
Management headquarter General affairs department Human Resource Section PIC Yamamoto
TEL: 0123-46-5151(direct phone)