Important Notices


Notice on Reopening of Commercial Facilities

Although commercial facilities have been closed for recovery and inspection of facility equipment due to the earthquake,
the shops below have resumed operations.

・Shops on the Second Floor of Domestic Terminal Building.
・Commercial facilities of the Domestic Terminal, in the Arrival Lobby on the 1st floor and in the Departure Lobby on the 2nd floor. ※
Please see here for details on stores.
・Shops in the International Terminal Building. (Stores are resuming their operations sequentially,starting from September 20)

In addition, Domestic Terminal Building 3F Dining Area, shops on the 4F of
Domestic Terminal Building, Connecting Passage on the 3F of Domestic Terminal
Building, Air Terminal Hotel and New Chitose Airport Onsen will still be closed.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.