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Hokkaido Showroom


Location Domestic Terminal Building 3F
Open 8:30~20:00
Seat 43
Tel. 0123-45-8787

Due to construction work, the store is closed from Apr. 20 (Monday) to Apr. 25 (Saturday).

MENYA KAIKO offers ramen made with lots of ingredients from the Obihiro and Tokachi areas based on its own soup cooked by simmering pig thighbone and other pig bones, chicken legs, scallops, horse mackerel and more. As might be expected of a miso ramen restaurant, it offers two kinds of miso (red and white). The Obihiro Specialty Tokachi Pork Noodle dish, which includes generous amounts of thigh m

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  • Hokkaido noodle hall
  • Limited menu at the airport
  • Domestic Terminal Building