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Hokkaido Showroom

SNOW SHOP international

Location International Terminal Building 3F
Open 国際線運航時間に合わせて営業
(Open in accordance with departing flights)
Tel. 0123-46-2121

An all-inclusive and comprehensive souvenir shop where you can find delicious and interesting Japanese things centered on dried seafood items and Japanese miscellaneous goods. We not only offer famous Hokkaido confectioneries such as Shiroi Koibito and ROYCE' chocolates, but also other choice and select confectioneries from all over Japan such as Tokyo Banana and the Haginotsuki from Sendai. Other than that, there are a variety of goods such as crab and seafood delicacies, famous ramen shop items, popular cosmetics, design T-shirts, magnets, etc. You will definitely find what you are looking for among this expansive and varied line-up.


  • Comprehensive souvenir shop
  • International Terminal Building

SNOW SHOP international