Duty-Free Shop

Duty-Free Shop Information

Duty-Free Shop Information

Duty-free shopping is truly one of the joys of international travel.
It's the perfect opportunity to pick up the items and brands you know and love all in one place at affordable prices.
In addition to well-known name brand cosmetics, the New Chitose Airport Duty-Free Shop carries a generous selection of both Japanese and foreign liquors and spirits, cigarettes and neckties, as well as foods, cartoon character related merchandise and more.
Before your next flight abroad, be sure to stop by New Chitose Airport Duty-Free Shop

Currencies Accepted

Japanese Yen, Credit cards listed below

Credit card companies handled

Feel free to ask if your credit card is accepted.

CF Card, Orico Card, JCB, Diners Club, JACCS Card, S-CORT Card, UC Card, OMC Card, American Express, DC Card, UFJ Card, NICOS, SAISON Card, NISSENREN, MasterCard, AEON Credit, PocketCard, JAL Card, TS Cubic, VISA, NC Dohoh, LifeCard, Rakuten KC, Genren

Credit card companies handledCredit card companies handled

Operation company

Hokkaido Airport Terminal Co., Ltd.
New Chitose Airport, Bibi, Chitose-shi 066-0012, TEL:0123-46-5254
Hours: Open in accordance with departing flights