Duty-Free Shop

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 What is DUTY FREE?

Cigarettes, alcoholic beverages and other goods sold in Japan are subject to customs duties (DUTY), alcohol taxes, domestic consumption tax, and so on. Retail prices also include various costs incurred during distribution. Therefore, shop prices are sometimes several times higher than initial costs. Goods sold in duty free shops at airports, however, are exempt from the aforementioned duties and taxes, and thus have more affordable prices.

Q2 When and in which duty-free shop should I buy something?

Japanese duty-free shops are recommended. People tend to think that local commodities are rich in variety and cheaper. However, it often proves more difficult to get your desired commodities than thought due to being out of stock or shop assistant speaking no Japanese. It has become a rule for those who often travel that once you see your desired duty-free goods, just buy them. In order to make effective use of limited time at your destination, it is better to shop before going abroad.

Q3 Do I need to go through any special procedures?

Only persons going abroad proceed through immigration at airports, therefore no special purchasing procedures are necessary. As the shopping is limited to departing passengers, please complete departure formalities early so that you can leisurely enjoy duty free shopping.

Q4 When may I open my duty-free goods?

Some people open their goods as soon as they purchase them at duty free shops. But we advise you to wait until you board the plane as duty-free goods are sold on the premise that they are to be used abroad.

Q5 Is there purchase limitation on duty-free goods?

The duty-free scope of souvenir to bring back to Japan is determined. Those beyond the scope are tax objects. However, as shopping is a pleasure in travel, please enjoy your shopping freely.