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Hokkaido Showroom

SNOW SHOP international

Location International Terminal Building 3F
Open 運航状況に合わせて営業
(Our hours correspond to flight schedules.)
Tel. 0123-46-2121

A comprehensive souvenir shop where you can find delicious and interesting Japanese items. We carry not only well-known Hokkaido sweets like SHIROI KOIBITO and ROYCE' Chocolate, but also famous confections from all over Japan, such as TOKYO BANANA and TOKYO HIYOKO. Other than that, there are a variety of goods such as crab and seafood delicacies, famous ramen shop items, popular cosmetics, design T-shirts, magnets, etc. You will definitely find what you are looking for among this expansive and varied line-up.


  • Comprehensive souvenir shop
  • International Terminal Building

SNOW SHOP international