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Hokkaido Showroom

HOKKAI-Kamameshi Seafood GIN-Syari FUKUTEI

Location Domestic Terminal Building 3F
Open 11:00~19:30(LO19:00)
Seat 50

This is Hokkai Kamameshi Store where you can taste the sea food of Hokkaido with delicious soup stock. Please enjoy crab, channel rockfish, Pacific saury Kamameshi and other north sea food.
King crab, sea urchin, channel rockfish, red salmon, Pacific saury and other Hokkaido foodstuff are cooked together with flavor overflowing Hokkaido kelp soup stock. The Hokkaido Kamameshi which concentrates the sea food of Hokkaido is superb. It is unique whether you take it as it is or take it together with delicious soup stock in a tea rice style. Moreover, the silver rice sea food set which combines delicious Hokkaido sea food topping with delicious freshly steamed Hokkaido rice is also recommended.

  • Fresh Seafood / Japanese Cuisine
  • Streetcar Dining District
  • Domestic Terminal Building
  • Opened until deep at night

HOKKAI-Kamameshi Seafood  GIN-Syari FUKUTEI