Both Adults and Children can Enjoy Themselves to the Full! DORAEMON WAKU WAKU SKY PARK

Park Zone

Park Zone

The Entertainment Zone Embodies the Concept of 'Experience','Find', 'Understand' and 'Play'.

Both children and adults are greeted by ""secret facilities"" themed attractions and large doraemons and served with various events to have a wonderful time here whenever they come.

Park Zone Admission Fees ( Free of charge for children below 3 years old.)

Adults 800yen
Middle school students 500yen
Primary students or below 400yen
  • Kids Free Zone

    Kids Free Zone

    Dora pancake (with red bean jam filling) shaped playground slide, Torinuke (go-through) hoop and other amusement facilities are opened to children in the zone. Benches and other resting area are also available. You can come and go and play here freely.

  • Library


    You can read Doraemon animation and Doraemon themed books in the library freely.

  • Workshop


    A work space is available freely. You can buy handcrafted kit and participate (with a charge) in Doraemon craft in the workshop.

  • Cafe


    Parents can take a rest and spend the short period before flight at ease in the cafe zone while children are playing. You can eat in the cafe or have a takeout as you like.

  • Shop


    There is an official shop of Doraemon. You can buy books, accessories, stationery, clothes and various goods in addition to original commodities made by cake makers from Hokkaido as well as New Chitose Airport original commodities well serve as a souvenir!

  • Amusement Zone

    Amusement Zone

    You can board the time machine to take a souvenir photo with Doraemon or use the UFO Catcher or the photo sticker booth at the amusement corner.Come and win various prizes!

Hours of Operation

  • Park Zone/
  • Kids Free Zone/
  • Library/
  • Workshop/
  • Cafe/
  • Amusement Zone
※Park Zone …… Last Admission 17:30
※Workshop …… Final Reception 17:00
※Cafe ………………… L.O.17:00
  • Shop