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Content on this website is created by Hokkaido Airports Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as "HAP") for the purposes of disclosing information on, and as an information service for passengers and guests of the New Chitose Airport Terminal Building.
Moreover, management of this website is carried out by Enleysha Co., Ltd. as a subcontractor acting on behalf of HAP.
As a general rule, the content of this website is copyrighted by HAP.
Information included on this website may not be reproduced, distributed or otherwise without prior consent. Moreover, this website includes flight information, schedules and other information provided by other organizations. As such, please confirm details with airlines, bus companies, JR and others in advance when making plans based on this information.
Please note that neither HAP nor related organizations assume any responsibility whatsoever for any damage caused due to the use of this website.

Safeguarding Personal Information

This website (hereinafter referred to as the website) is run by Enleysha Co., Ltd. which receives outsourcing from our company.
Personal information provided by customers through the site will be processed as follows.

Personal Information

In order to provide users with even more helpful services and develop new services, this site may request personally identifying information (hereafter referred to as “personal information”) such as email address, personal name, address and telephone number by means of online shopping, questionnaire,mailing list registration, submitting for quiz, present or event as well as contribution.

Collection of Personal Information

When collecting personal information, HAP will disclose the purpose and method of collection without fail.
Moreover, personal information is never collected without user permission.
Collected personal information will never be used for any purpose other than that specified beforehand.

Disclosure of Personal Information

As a general rule, HAP does not disclose or provide collected personal information to third parties without user consent.
Please note however, that when purchasing items via online shopping, only necessary personal information such as the recipient's address will be disclosed to related parties for the purposes of shipping purchased items and/or payment of purchased items and services.

Use of Personal Information

Collected personal information is used by HAP for the purpose of future service improvements.
While reference statistical data gleaned from personal information such as "X% female/male users" may be provided to business partners and sponsors, individual personal information is never provided "as is" to third parties.
Additionally, information thought to be beneficial to users such as airport and event information will only be sent via direct mail upon obtaining prior permission of users.


Cookies my be used in order to provide more convenient services to users visiting this site.
A “cookie” is a text file code sent from a server and placed on a user's computer when that user accesses a website.
When the user accesses the website again, the cookie confirms the user's computer to provide more convenient services.
Cookies are used by HAP for the purposes of:

Cookies are used for these purposes only and no others.
Additionally, cookies sent from HAP contain no mailing list IDs, names or other personally identifying information.
Depending upon browser settings, users may choose to accept or deny cookies.
Even if cookies are refused, most content on this site may be browsed, but please note that certain functions and services may not be accessible. Cookies sent from sites other than those under the jurisdiction of HAP are not under the supervision of HAP.

Access Logs

The access log is usage data automatically stored when a user accesses the server for this site. Collected statistical data for this site includes such items as domain name, IP address, browser type and access time. In addition, other than the above listed items, no personally identifying information such as user names, addresses or phone numbers are recorded.

Links to this Site

This website (hereinafter referred to as the website) is run by Enleysha which receives outsourcing from our company.
Personal information provided by customers through the site will be processed as follows.

  • ・Those sites offensive to public order and morals.
  • ・Those sites potentially or otherwise infringing upon the intellectual property rights of HAP or any third parties.
  • ・Those sites potentially or otherwise infringing upon the assets, reputation, human rights or privacy of HAP or any third parties.
  • ・Those sites potentially or otherwise engaging in slander or libel of the services or products of HAP or any third parties.
  • ・Those sites potentially or otherwise misleading or providing false information to users.
  • ・Those sites displaying links via use of frames. The display of any HAP website within a frame is strictly prohibited. When linking to any HAP web page, sites utilizing frames are requested to set the “TARGET” attribution of links to “_blank” or “_top” within the frame settings.

In addition, links to pages other than the top page are subject to structural site changes without notice. In such instances, HAP assumes no responsibility whatsoever for non-functional links.
Furthermore, please note that this site under no circumstances assumes any responsibility for websites linking to any HAP page.

Management of Personal Information by Linked to Websites

HAP assumes no responsibility related to collection, use or handling of personal information carried out by pages or advertiser sites linked to on this site.

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Please download upon confirmation of software version used.

The latest version of Microsoft Edge、The latest version of Google Chrome、The latest version of Mozilla Firefox、The latest version of Safari
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For Android:The latest version of Google Chrome


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To facilitate use of the website, some contents in the website use JavaScript. If the JavaScript setting in your browser is not enabled, the contents might not be displayed correctly or some functions might not work.