Efforts to improve CS (customer satisfaction)

Efforts to improve CS (customer satisfaction)

All staff members working in terminal buildings of New Chitose Airport are compliant with the code of conduct based on fundamental philosophy and aiming at CS improvement.

Basic philosophy

Creating an airport filled with kindness

We fully understand the necessity and importance of promoting customer satisfaction as part of our mission to provide a safe and comfortable environment for people using the New Chitose Airport Terminal. To this end, we strive to excel in our individual roles in order to create an airport filled with kindness.

Creating an airport filled with kindness

Code of conduct

We follow a code of conduct to help every member of staff working at New Chitose Airport treat customers appropriately and fairly without exception, and set examples to be followed by terminal building staff.

We value customer feedback and reflect it in improvement measures.

  • 1.We talk to and help customers based on a true spirit of hospitality and ensure that spaces are clean at all times.
  • 2.We hold in-house discussions and share information to support appropriate response to all customer feedback.
  • 3.We view all tasks as priorities, and will not leave them to others even if they are not directly related to our job descriptions.
Code of conduct

Passengers' comments will be appreciated.

1.Collection of customer opinions 2.Analysis of customer opinions
 3.Discussion on improvement plan implementation

We analyze and discuss in CS meetings about "customer opinions" of about 2,800 customers from questionnaires of "Collecting Box of Customer Opinions" and mails addressed to airport staff every year and devote ourselves to implement improvement every day.

Location of Opinion Box