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New Chitose Airport Onsen

New Chitose Airport Onsen

New Chitose Airport Onsen The hot spring at New Chitose Airport
Enjoy the superior relax and refresh at the beginning and end of the tour. Welcome to New Chitose Airport Onsen, the hot spring nearest to the sky.

Feel your smooth skin in Beauty Bath whose hot water comes from the source hot spring everyday.

Public Bath
<4F>   Public Bath
Open-air bath
<4F>   Open-air bath

The hot spring at New Chitose Airport is a sodium chloride spring containing salinity. It boasts good insulation to prevent salinity left in the body after bathing from evaporating and superior moisture retention, which is also usually called "hot bath" It improves blood circulation and is effective to incision, burn and chronic skin disease as well as children weakness and chronic gynopathy. It is alkalescent with PH value of 8 and that is why it is called Beauty Bath. Enjoy your smooth skin.

Lie at ease and enjoy your resting time.

Relax room
<5F>   Relax room
<4F>  Guest room(11 rooms)

We have prepared many facilities for you to lie down quietly and relax at ease after warming yourself with hot spring. One of these superior facilities is relax room where you can have a rest or a nap. Various guest rooms, including twin, double and universal guest rooms, are available for you to spend your ease moment. As the venue is located inside the airport, it is very convenient for you to catch a morning flight at ease.

Enjoy the happiest moment that heals your body and mind.


Various wellness menus are gathered together to meet your requirement for beauty and health by giving you more lustrous skin and deeper relaxation. 4 types of bedrock bath are available for you to choose in accordance with your purpose. Professional staffs provide bodycare, body treatment, facial treatment and foot treatment as well as world wellness and dirt rubbing by using various aesthetic skills and professional hand techniques. You can surely expect to free yourself from daily stress, cherish your body and become more beautiful and healthy here.

We are good at fresh seasonal food and cooking in front of you.

Relaxation spot
Relaxation spot

The tranquil "Restaurant" and "Relaxation Space" offer a wide variety of dishes to suit your preferences at any given time, from light fare such as set meals, noodles, and rice bowls to signature dishes prepared by our executive chef, allowing you to enjoy dining alone, with your family, or in a group.
They also offer six types of beverages, including coffee and tea, free of charge.

Facility use fee   
Open 10:00-9:00/open 23 hrs.
※Restaurant Short-timed service(11:30~20:00)
※Wellness Service 10:00~22:00(Last admission 21:00)
※Scrubbing [Weekdays] 10:00~20:00(Last admission 19:00)
            [Saturdays • Sundays • Holidays] 10:00~21:00(Last admission 20:00)

Entrance Fee

  • Adult (middle school age or above)1,800 yen
  • Children (primary school age)800 yen
  • Infants (from 3 years old to the pre-school age)600 yen
  • ※The entrance fee is a discounted package price that includes the bathing fee, a yukata, a bath towel, a face towel, the facility usage fee, and the bathing tax.
    ※Please cooperate with our hygiene management and do not bring in an infant wearing a diaper.

Deep night fee

  • The deep night fee is separately charged after 1 o'clock at deep night.
  • Adult (middle school age or above)1,700 yen
  • Children (primary school age)800 yen
  • Infants (from 3 years old to the pre-school age)600 yen
  • ※Customers who pay the deep night fee will have a free-of-charge breakfast.

Hot spring bath in the morning

  • 5:00am-8:00
  • Adult (middle school age or above)800 yen
  • Children (the age of a pupil) and infants (3 years old to pre-school age)400 yen
  • ※Bathrobe set is not included in the charge. (A bathrobe set is 500 yen)
    ※Public Bath ends at 8:00 in the morning(reception time ends at 7:30 in the morning) / Closing hour: 9:00 am
    Relax room is available for use by 7:45am.

Guestroom charge

  • Charge of 1 night per person
  • Guest room:1 room for 1 night shared by 2 persons, per person6,000 yen-
  • (The guest room charge varies with person number)
  • ※The set admission fee with special discount and the deep night fee are included.
    ※Guest rooms are available for use from 17:00 and 9:00 on the next morning (You can use facilities in the building before check-in).
    ※Customer who check in a guest room will have a free-of-charge breakfast.

Rock sauna ※You cannot use it for a while.

  • Normal charge700 yen
  • ※The following services are not available to those below the age of a pupil. For a hot spring club member, the charge is 600 yen.

Wellness Service

  • Body care (20 minutes)2,600 yen-
  • Thai Aroma Treatment
    (40 minutes)
    6,400 yen-
  • Classic Thai massage
    (60 minutes)
    7,200 yen-
  • Chinese foot massage
    (20 minutes)
    2,600 yen-
  • Scrubbing (30 minutes)4,300 yen-
  • ※The charge is subject to change.
New Chitose Airport Onsen
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New Chitose Airport Onsen Official site
Air Terminal Hotel
New Chitose Airport Onsen
LocationDomestic Terminal Building 4F
Open10:00-9:00/open 23 hrs.
※Restaurant Short-timed service(11:30~20:00)
※Wellness Service10:00~22:00(Last admission 21:00)
※Scrubbing [Weekdays] 10:00~20:00(Last admission 19:00)
            [Saturdays • Sundays • Holidays] 10:00~21:00(Last admission 20:00)
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