Facilities & Services

Facilities & Services

Opening hours of New Chitose Airport Terminal

Open 5:00
Close 23:00
Open 5:00
Close 20:00
Connecting Path
Open 5:00
Close 23:00

* Hours are subject to change due to delays and other changes in flight schedules.
* For dates in which late-night flights are operated in the Domestic Terminal Building, only some areas postpone the closing time with the operation of the late-night flights.
 Please confirm here for details.
*International counters are open in accordance with the arrival and departure times of international flights.
*When it is closed, you cannot have a rest in the lobby, thanks for understanding.

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Baggage, Home Delivery, Post

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Internet/Business Service

Common Rental Rooms / VIP Rooms / Lounge / Function hall

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For the Disabled

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