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※Please inquire here for questions or comments concerning New Chitose Airport.
(Automatic response system powered by voice guidance)

※Your phone call with the operator will be recorded for us to check the inquiry content and improve our service in the future. Thank you for your understanding.

Inquiries made through the Contact Us Form


Please check the Telephone Guide for the New Chitose Airport before using the inquiry form. Various contact numbers are listed.

Please be sure to fill out the required fields, whether by typing in the information or making a selection.
Please make sure to enter your correct email address if you would like to receive a reply.
We kindly ask that you fill out your name, age, and inquiry details at length so that we can make improvements and offer even more considerate customer service.
The personal information that you provide will be managed appropriately based on the Safeguarding Personal Information page of this site and will not be used for other purposes.
Given that the responses that our company provide are meant to address the specific inquiries that you have submitted, do not forward or use a portion or the entirety of the responses for another purpose.

We may require some time in order to reply to you.
For those with urgent inquiries, please contact the Airport General Information Desk (0123-23-0111, open seven days a week from 7:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.)
Please note that, depending on the nature of your inquiry, we may not be able to respond.

With the objective of assessing conditions and providing more appropriate responses to the opinions, requests, and inquiries that you submit, we may share personal information with related agencies or have the related agencies respond directly, as needed.

Please understand that we will not respond to the following questions or comments.

  1. Business information, statistical data, and information about employment and the administrative performance of Hokkaido Airports Co., Ltd.
  2. Inquiries for personal research purposes
  3. Proposals to do business, sending of sales materials
  4. Requests to receive pamphlets, maps, and other literature and inquiries related to visits
  5. Inquiries about lost and found items
    • For inquiries about lost and found items, please use the contact information here.
  6. Questions, comments, and complaints about airlines, trains, buses, taxis, and other public transportation
    • Please contact the transportation company directly.
  7. Inquiries regarding customs or immigration procedures
    • Please contact Customs, Immigration Services Agency of Japan, or relevant agency for such inquiries.
  8. Inquiries regarding job opportunities at the airport
  9. Questions for which the sender's name and email address are not clear
  10. Other inquiries that we deem unanswerable