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Mobile Phone Charger
<Stationary Battery Charger>

Mobile Phone Charger

There are 6 sets of mobile phone chargers in New Chitose Airport.

Applicable models
①Apple products until iPhone4s (including ipod)
②Apple products later since iPhone5
③All Android smart phone terminals
④docomoFOMA, SoftBank3G
⑤au feature phone
※ It can also be used for charging electronic cigarettes such as IQOS.
100 yen/30 minutes

※All prices are tax-inclusive

Domestic Terminal Building


Business hours

<Mobile Battery Sharing Service>
~Charge SPOT~

Mobile Battery Sharing Service

Terminal devices for the Mobile Battery Sharing Service, "Charge SPOT", are installed on the 1st floor (two places) of the Domestic Terminal Building.
Downloading the dedicated app and registering, etc. beforehand, and reading the QR code of the terminal device allow you to simply rent a mobile battery. Please check the official website of "Charge SPOT" for fees.

※Please refrain from contacting the shops or others in the airport.
※When you use the battery, your registration in advance with the dedicated app is required.

Domestic Terminal Building

 Arrival Lobby

The terminal devices are available at two places, beside Lawson near the arrival gate No. 4, and in front of the rental car counter near the arrival gate No. 3.

5:00~23:30 ※This may be subject to change depending on the opening and closing time of the terminal building.