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Hokkaido Showroom

hokkaido-honpo Comprehensive souvenir shop

Location Domestic Terminal Building 2F
Open 7:30~20:30
Tel. 0123-46-5352

This shop sells a wide variety of Hokkaido products, including popular sweets, fresh farm produce, meat products and seafood from various parts of the prefecture as well as locally brewed sake, wine and beer. Also on offer is popular LeTAO Double Fromage cake, regular gift confection Shiroi Koibito cookies and hairy/king crabs boiled in Lake Mashu's renowned water with premium salt added. There i


  • Comprehensive souvenir shop
  • Limited commodities at the airport
  • Domestic Terminal Building
  • Opened since early in the morning
  • Opened until deep at night

hokkaido-honpo Comprehensive souvenir shop