Facilities & Services

High-end rental room

Yezo spruce
Rosa rugosa

Wide and comfortable “High-end rental room” is available for VIPs in accordance with people number and situation.

No smoking indoors

Lending time
Reservation and consulting
Reservation by phone is accepted 3 months in advance.
Hekiundo Hoteles & Resorts Co.,Ltd.
Tel.0123-46-5326 (Reservations accepted / 8:00-19:00)
※Your reservation and inquiry will be answered in Japanese only.
If you need a microphone set, a standing signboard, a projector, a screen, a video or a DVD deck, please tell us when you make a reservation.
※Please note that, as these devices are limited in number, your need might not be met all the time.
Food and drink service
If you need packed lunch, please make a reservation 4 days in advance.(Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, festivals as well as year end and beginning)
※Please note that the content of packed lunch might not meet your need all the time.

International Terminal Building

High-end rental room

Room name Seat Room charges(tax included)
Yezo spruce 6 25,300 yen(1 hour)
12,650 yen (every 30 minutes)
Rosa rugosa 12 25,300 yen(1 hour)
12,650 yen (every 30 minutes)